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Livestock Running Away

In the rules it states that, "If at any point mature livestock is on a land tile that is not fully fenced, it runs away. Flip it to its immature side." What if the livestock is still placed in a fully fenced in and controlled 2 x 1 area? Realistically, they couldn't 'run away', at most meander and take up the area of two tiles. Do the livestock run away if they truly aren't contained and fenced into a single tile? The confusion comes in then when (almost just after that rule in the rulebook) it states, "If at any point mature livestock is in the same fenced area as mature crop, it will eat the crop. If this happens you must immediately flip the crop to its immature side." By the second sentence, there is an implication that the mature livestock aren't contained in a single tile, yet also haven't run away.

For your first question, fully fenced means a fence on all 4 sides of a tile. Even if all 4 fences do not match in color it's still fully fenced, just not controlled by a player. If at any point one of those fences is removed, then you flip the livestock to it's immature side. "Running away" doesn't mean it actually moves to another tile or out of the game. It just gets flipped to it's immature side.

If an area of 2+ tiles meaning there are more fences needed to surround the tiles, then any fence piece missing would make it NOT fully fenced and the livestock would need to be flipped.

Defending With Bullet Holes

The rules state that you can defend (with bullet holes) your land...matching the number of fences played with bullet holes on cards you must then discard. What if (say in a 3 player game against Steph and Gordon), you play a card with three fences...and you’re somehow in a position to challenge control and fully fence in a single square you currently control with only 1 of those 3 fences...and with the remaining 2 fences (of my 3) you can somehow challenge to control and fully fence a single square Gordon currently has/controls. To stop you, do we both have to produce 3 bullets holes? Or do you just play cards with bullet holes up to the number of fences you care to contest that involve you?

If a card is played with 3 fences and 2 are placed somewhere you don't care about but 1 of those three fences inside an area of you (assuming you wish to contest) play a card with a single bullet hole?

You must always discard 3 bullet holes minimum in order to defend any attack. It's not about matching the number of fences that affect you. Also, all players affected must defend their own land, meaning yes, both Gordon and Steph would each have to discard 3 bullet holes each.

You must always discard 3 bullet holes minimum in order to defend any attack. Also you can only defend with bullet holes when you lose control of one of your Land Tiles or when something would cause your animals to be in the same fenced area as your crops (for example when someone broke one of your fences).

Winter And Crop Growth

In the rules it says there is no icon for crops maturing after November. But the track clearly has an icon for crops after January. Not maturing would also make the community garden hard to make use of. Are the rules or the track wrong?

After November means directly after November. Not for the rest of the game. Sorry we did not make that clear enough!

Market Card Bonuses

Do equipment cards stack? For instance, if I have two Stills (+4 Potato Harvest, and +3 Grain Harvest) and I harvest a Grain Card (0 income, 6 Harvest), do I get $9 or $12?

Yes they do stack. All bonuses you control will stack (for example if you also have ducks that will also boost your grain)...also If you had 2 grain to harvest, each would individually get the bonuses.

Using Your Farmer Meeple

Does “Midnight Raid” allow you to place your farmer inside an area that the opponents farmer is in? Therefore running him off? Or is the opponent’s farmer protecting that area?

The Opponent’s Farmer does protect the area he is on and you may not place your farmer there with the Midnight Raid card.

If you have the promo card “Crop Rotation” though, you may replace an opponent's farmer with your own and send him back to his farmhouse.

Player Actions

Do you have a choice of performing just 1 action for cards that have multiple actions? Or is it a must that you are able and perform all the actions (or 2 actions for those that make you select 2 actions)?

You may do as many actions on a fence card as it asks you to choose. So if there are 3 options and it asks you to do two. You may do up to two of those actions. You may choose to only perform one of them and not do all of the options if you wish.

Please remember if a card has multiple options, you must do them in order from top to bottom.

Lumber And Fence Piece Placements

If I were to take lumber, and I place a single fence piece, can it encroach on another player's controlled territory? For example, my opponent and I are fully boxed in, and I took lumber, am I allowed to move my fence piece into his land, because it's still connected to my other fence pieces?

Yes you can place a fence piece in an opponent's area. Just remember that at the end of your turn, any fence pieces within other players' controlled areas will be removed.

For example, if your first action was to take lumber and place the single fence piece, then as your second action you could play a fence card for fences in an attempt to fully fence that tile, thus taking control of it. If your opponent defends against your 2nd fence placement then at the end of your turn your single fence piece will be removed as per the rule stated above.


Can you flip any tile and not just orthogonally?

Yes you can log anywhere but generally it’s a good idea to do it around your own farmhouse because you can only fence and purchase market cards on tiles connected to your farmhouse.

Attempting To Take Control Of An Opponent’s Land Tile

Is it allowed in the rules to attempt to take over more than one land time at a time? We played this last night and it came up towards the end of the game. The rules only refer to "tile" i.e. in the singular.

Yes you can but the only difficulty to this is that players may only play a fence card "for fences" ONCE per turn which means it would be hard to completely take over more than one land tile. This does not mean it's not possible, as you could "purchase lumber" to place 1 fence piece then use a card to place the rest.

If you fully fence a tile to take control of an opponent's land tile with just one fence piece, the opponent has the chance to defend. If you only place 1 fence piece and it does not fully fence the tile, the opponent is not considered to be "losing control" yet so they cannot defend. The rules state that you can only defend if you are losing control of a land tile OR if breaking a fence piece would cause your animal(s) to run away (flip to immature side).

The only tricky part about this is that you can only play a fence card "for fences" ONCE on your turn so if you cannot fully fence a tile by the end of your turn, your fence pieces within another player's enclosed area will be removed. You can, for example, play a fence card for 2 fences, and use your 2nd action to purchase Lumber which allows you to place another fence, thus totaling 3 fence pieces without having played 2 fence cards for fences. If your opponent defends your fence piece that would "take control" of their land tile then at the end of your turn, your incomplete fences would be removed.

Farmhouse Tile

Can you move the fence pieces around your Farmhouse Tile?

Yes, but if you don’t control your Farmhouse Tile at the end of the game, you will not gain the bonus points.

Crop Rotation

I can place my farmer on any market card (or replace another farmer...etc.) Then swap the position of any two market cards I control. Are the market cards in question ones which we have out on our game board? Or cards still in market stalls awaiting purchase? I'm guessing it's cards out on our game board and we're literally just able to swap positions of two of them.

Correct. You would be swapping cards that are purchased and out on the tiles that you control, not the market track or other players controlled market cards.


The Kickstarter set came with a Farmhand card. It says, Action: Pay $2 to the bank. Choose and perform two of the following actions:

  • Log
  • Go To Market
  • Harvest

If I choose to Harvest two cards, that is two actions, right?

Yes. Every Market Card you Harvest is a separate action.

The Farmhand allows you to pick two options from the list. So for example you could Log and Harvest or Purchase a Market card and Harvest etc.

But you may not Harvest and Harvest with the Farmhand as there is only one Harvest option on the card.

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