About Us

Hi there, welcome to First Fish Games! We're a small team with a big passion for board games. Board game nights, strategy discussions over coffee, brainstorming new game ideas - that's our kind of fun. We're not in this to compete with the big dogs, we're here because we genuinely love what we do.

Our team might be small, but we pour our hearts into every game we create. Whether it's navigating mystical landscapes in Mistwind or charmingly herding ducks in Ducks in Tow, each game is a reflection of our love for creativity and play. But hey, don't take our word for it, dive in and see for yourself!

Stephanie Kwok

For 4 years, Stephanie also worked as a matte painter in the visual effects industry. But after running First Fish Games for 3 years as a side hobby, it was apparent that in order to grow the company faster and more efficiently, she had to take it on as full time work. In addition to running First Fish Games, Stephanie also runs a photography business and teaches dance classes. Favourite Game: Lords of Xidit

Gordon Oscar

Artist by day, artist by night. Yes that's right. Gordon has been working as a concept artist/matte painter in the visual effects industry for over 13 years. And after a long day of work, he comes home from creating art for TV and film to create artwork for our games. Favourite Game: El Grande

Liam Smith

Liam is a software developer by day that helps First Fish Game out with game design, prototypes, and all things Internet. Favorite Game: Twilight Imperium