Ducks In Tow: Bugs & Slugs

Another sunny day in the Duck Sanctuary! Along with the seeds you have been feeding the ducks, you also want to give them tasty treats. With your brand new bug jar, you're ready to collect some bugs.

The Bugs & Slugs Expansion adds player boards, duck cards and bug tokens. There will be bug tokens on the board that you can collect and feed them to your ducks. The player boards and duck cards have token slots on them. Once the token slots are all filled, they grant you special abilities that can be used on your turn.

Each duck card matches 1 of the 4 coloured rows on your location cards. At the end of the game, completed duck cards will gain you points based on the connected rows of ducks on your completed location cards.

Coming Soon

This game is currently in production and will be coming your way soon. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks.

  • Designer
    Stephanie Kwok
  • Artist
    Andrew Bosley & Gordon Oscar
  • Age Range
  • Number of Players
  • Play Time
    30-60 minutes