Get Off My Land!

In Get Off My Land!, players are rival farmers competing for land while trying to defend themselves against their neighbors.

Players start with a humble farmhouse and try to expand their land by cutting down the forests surrounding their home. Players expand their land by
building fences to claim the land for themselves. But beware of your neighbors who might try to break your fences.

During the game, players can visit the market to grow their own crops and livestock in order to gain income. Players can also harvest their crops and livestock but then they must wait for the
season to change in order for everything to grow again. Watch out for your neighbor who might try to sneak over to your land to steal your goods.


"Harvest yourself a copy... And reap the rewards of enjoyment."
Just Got Played

"A perfect addition to my collection - A medium-weight, highly interactive, economic area control game that doesn't disappoint."
Undead Viking

"Get Off My Land! is a great combination of farming fun (complete with cute pigs) and area control competition (shotguns galore)."
Unfiltered Gamer

  • Designer
    First Fish Games
  • Artist
    Gordon Oscar
  • Age Range
  • Number of Players
  • Play Time
    30-60 minutes
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